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Friday, 14 July 2017

mistakes an affiliate marketer should never make, mistakes newbies make in affiliate marketing  
Affiliate marketing in simple terms is a process of promoting other company's or people's products.

You see a product/serice you like, you promote it and if you make a sale, you earn a commision. 
These days, i see tons of people join the affiliate marketing business, promoting one product or the other do all their best possible to make a sale

And between six months to one year,they get frustrated and end up throwing in the towl. It's unfortunate but that's the story of many affiliate marketers including me.

Could there be something we are doing wrong? well let's find out

1. Never promote a product without defining your market
Lets think of it this way.A product/service was created to solve a need right? so as an affiliate marketer it seems bizzare to promote just any product without understanding who that product was designed for.

Let's imagine a guy named bob. Bob wants to promote a recipie book he saw on the internet a few days ago.

If bob wants to promote his recipie book to the point of  making a sale,he will need to make a list of  people who would be most likely to buy his recipie book(potential customers).

In bob's case,that would be Cooking newbie's,book shop owners etc...

2. Never promote a product in the wrong market
This is a really big waste of time and effort because you definitely won't make a sale because at every point in time, wether you like it or not

Everyone on the face of this earth will always have a need/want at every point in time so it would be really annoying when there is a clash of intrest with an enthusiastic marketer.

But you can also use this to your advantage. How? visit forums and communities with similar intrests to your product/service.

That alone is enough to make lots of sales and earn you lots of money.

3. Never promote a product/service that you have not tested
Believe it or not but this is one of the biggest mistakes any affiliate marketer would make including me.

This may sound funny but any potential customer will always know if you've tested the product you're promoting or not.

It will show in your speech,your expression and even your body language.so what's the solution? buy the product and test it.

4. Never promote a sub-standard product/service
No matter how much time, money and effort is is invested in promoting a productif the product's quality is not 100%

You will gradually loose your credibility as an affiliate marketer.The solution to this problem has been discussed in number three.Test it.

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So those are the four mistakes you should never make as an affiliate marketer. Did i leave something out?

If i did you can share it with others by leaving it in the comment section.

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