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Friday, 7 July 2017

                                                                 top 5 google adsense alternatives
          Many would agree with me that google adsense is a very popular and profitable advertisement network but over the years,it's popularity has made it quite difficult to get an approval.
          Lots of people try over and over and over again to get an approval from goggle adsense .I personally have tried twice in the space of a year to get an approval but i'm yet to get one.I continued in this rat race until i found out other really good alternatives.
           So here are some ad networks you can use until you get an adsense aprroval.

 Top 5 alternatives to google adsense
        I didn't use infolinks for a long time but i can tell you that this ad network is phenominal.It uses an in-text-ad format to monetize it's publishers blog/website.This ad net work is really good for small, medium size and even big blogs/websites

         This ad network is a really good one and it's gaining allows it's publishers to put adverts on almost any spot on their blog. and in addition to that, it has 5 different advert sizes to choose from and almost any type of blog can use chikita.

    Image result wey dey for revenue hits
            To be honest,i've not used this ad network before but from what i've heard,it's a really strong network with years of experience.This ad network pays for results (which is good for you).Revenue hits also has different monetization networks from banner ads to pop unders and even butons.Revenue hits pays on a 30-day basis through bank wire,paypal and payoneer.Click


               This ad network specializes in popunders and in addition, it works in all countries.They also have really good rates and you can get paid daily provided that you make $5 everyday.Click

Image result wey dey for adversal
                 This is another ad network that i haven't used but from the reviews i've read,adversal is a very good alternative to adsense.Apart from their good rates, they also have high quality adverts and you get paid via paypal.

 So there you have it.The top 5 adsense alternatives.Thank you for viewing



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