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Steps To Developing An Effective And Efficient Marketing Strategy - Biz Elite


                                         developing an effective/efficient marketing strategy, developing your marketing strategy for beginners/professionals

              Marketing in simple terms can be defined as the process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying the customers needs.

It is one of the critical forces that determine how far a company will go and in some cases, marketing is as important as the product you want to sell or the service you want to render.

Because without an effective marketing campaign, you can end up 'winking in the dark'.

Today, companies like microsoft, google, yahoo, amazon etc.. which are worth billions of dollars invested and are still investing millions of dollars in marketing.

Yes the growth of these companies one way or another is tied to the way they developed their marketing strategies but on the other hand.

A lot of companies still shut down despite the kind of money they spend on marketing.Why? the answer is in two words. Effective marketing.
Yes marketing is good.Yes marketing is important for a company to grow but have you ever sat down to develop an effective/efficient marketing strategy?

To start this process, you need to:

1.  Develop your relational skills.

2.  Involve your team while developing your marketing strategy.

3.   Develop your company's online presence.

1.  Develop Your Relational Skills
                                                                        developing an effective/efficient marketing strategy, developing your marketing strategy for beginners/professionals
        Relational skills are generally refered to as the skills needed to build short term and long term relationships. 

And might I say that the level of your relational skill is a big determinant to whether your marketing strategy will be effective or not and I will explain why.
At the beginning of your campaign,you could use money to get some leads and maybe a few sales but you could also do what i call the 'word of mouth marketing'

And trust me that method is more effective because your potential customer will surely know another potential customer and that potential customer will know even more potential customers and the list just goes on and on and on. 

But hold up.Even if you want to apply the first option,  you will eventually need to have a conversation with your potential customer.
The capacity of your relational skill is a small but important detail in your overall marketing strategy and to develop it, I recommend

Having a conversation with yourself on a regular basis.I know that this may sound a little disturbing but it does wonders in developing your bravery and fluency.

The second thing i recommend is having a conversation with an actual person.This person can be a friend, a relative, an employee or anyone you feel comfortable around.

2.  Involve your team while developing your marketing strategy
                                                    developing an effective/efficient marketing strategy, developing your marketing strategy for beginners/professionals
A team refers to a group of people linked in a common purpose.It can consist of a few employees in your company,field marketers or just a group of friends.

But in any case, extreme caution needs to be applied in selecting the brightest and sharpest set of people you can find.
Now why do you need a team in developing an effective marketing strategy? because your team is like the foundation of your company that customers,investors and other employees build on

Infact, your team is so important that even if you don't know how to relate with people, a good team has the capacity to cover those flaws.
Henry ford had a dream of producing cars in thousands per day and with the help of his team, he achieved his goal and created ford motors which made him the pioneer of the automobile industry.

Ray kroc had a dream of taking the Mcdonald's Resturant(which he bought from brothers dick&maurice) to hundereds of markets across the globe and with the help of his team, he achieved his goal and today, the Mcdonald's resturaunt is now a phenomenal concept.

John schantter had a vision of taking Papa John's pizza all over the globe and with the help of his team, he has achieved his goal.
Some of these people didn't even go to school.They were just men with crazy dreams and I'm sure at the initial stage, they recieved a lot of criticisms.

Though they achieved their goal and made history, they definitely wouldn't have been heard of if they invited the wrong people into their team and that's a fact.
 Wherever you are right now and whatever company you own/work for, if you want to get the best out of your team, i'll just advice you to do two things

1.  Make Your Team understand your company's vision and goals
What i mean by this statement is 'let every member of your team become obsessed with what the company stand for' in other words, get them to own your company's vision.

You can do this by casting your vision statement to them as often as possible say, at least three times in a week.

If you are successful with this you will notice a certain harmony between you, your team and the rest of your employees

2.  Make Your Team See Their Place In Your Company's Vision
This little detail non-negotiable. Okay let's think of it this way Can you ask anyone to devote their time, sweat, expertise and in some cases resources without giving them anything in return?

IMPOSSIBLE!!!. Let's assume you don't have a lot of cash the next best thing you can do is to assure them of their position in your company.

And how their individual personal visions and aspirations will be accomplished within the company's vision.

From time to time when extra cash is available, hand out to your team cash bonuses. After doing this, your team will begin to work with greater effectiveness.

And even you will be happy with the results that you are getting but when your company goes worldwide, don't forget your promises to your team.

3.  Develop your company's online presence
                                                                developing an effective/efficient marketing strategy, developing your marketing strategy for beginners/professionals

 A strategic online prescence represents by far the cheapest marketing tool you can ever deploy.With low cost and maximum impact you will agree with me is the way to make good money.
Generally, every company big or small business that is going to be around for a while at least, needs an online presence.

But what do i mean by the term 'online presence'? I mean a  location on the internet that represents a business, company, brand or person.

But how does this affect the effectiveness of your marketing strategy? I think a lot people would agree with me when i say that most of the people that matter in our world today have an online presence

And it did(and still does) contribute in no small way to their success.Let's take a quick look at the following. executes most of it's sales & transactions online and that has generated consistent annual sales worth over ten billion dollars for the company.
Microsoft has built a very strong online presence which has also done great in building a big name for the company with annual net profits of over twenty billion dollars.
Goggle also executes most of it's transactions online and it has done well in taking their annual net profits to well over twenty five billion dollars.

I can continue to list the name of big companies just to stress how important this thing is and why you need one.
 Lack of a good grasp of this single detail is a reason most companies get frustrated and end up shutting down when their barely two years into the business and this shouldn't be.

So what can we do to develop a strong online presence?

1. Build A Website
       This is the first and by far the most important step in building a strong online presence.When a potential customer wants to get more information about your product/service 

The first place they would likely check is your website You can start off by buying a custom domain from wordpress or you can get free domain  hosting from blogger 

For more information on this, read this guide on how to build a website

2. Create Social Media Accounts
          Social media is another great place to start developing your online presence and the best places to start is 

goggle+, twitter, facebook, instagram and tumblr but how does it work in developing your online presence?  

Having active social media accounts can not only help in building your credibility but also if used well, it can help to increase traffic to your website.

3. Write Reviews Of Your Company 
           This is another good way to build your online presence because most times, the only way people would trust your product/service is if another popular blogger, forum, website etc..

 writes a review about it. You can start writing reviews of your website on forums like warrior forum, 

Ezine Articles  or  PRweb or you can get sponsored reviews from popular bloggers.
    We have come to the end of this post thanks for viewing and i'll see you next time

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