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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

how to make your startup go viral through offline marketing

Online marketing has gone through some transformations along the years and might i say that they are phenominal.

But as the popularity of online marketing grew, the use of offline marketing strategies greatly declined. how do i mean?

According to statistica, 51% of small businesses prefer online marketing channels to offline marketing channels.

And if we take a look at it critically, it is true. A lot of people would prefer to stream videos online than to watch it on tv.

A lot of people would prefer to scan through popular news sites than to go through news papers and how may people read hand bills posted by the side of the road?

 Offline marketing seems like a big waste of time right? wrong. Though it may seem like it's the truth  if you fail to use this marketing channel effectively.

You may not get the kind of results you desire for your online startup. Now, i'm not going to bore you by saying put adverts on TV or place handbills all over your city

No i don't do that either but all i want to discuss about is the word of mouth marketing strategy.

Now this is an effective offline marketing strategy. Here is why.

- 84% of consumers trust reccomendations from friends, family members and even collegues in the office [source]

- 74% of consumers see the word of mouth marketing a s a key influencer in their purchasind desisions [source]

- More than 80% of Americans look for reccomendations when making a purchase of any kind [source]

 Here are more infographics from Business2Community

how to make your startup go viral through offline marketing
Here are some more infographics from Invesp 

how to make your startup go viral through offline marketing

I can keep going on and on with these statistics just to prove that word of mouth marketing is still surviving and thriving.

And if you want to dominate your niche, you have to focus on this area of offline marketing. So, what strategies can you employ with the word of mouth marketing?

1. Do some research on the people you want to tell 

While promoting your business through the means of offline marketing, you need to be selective in the kind of people you want to tell.

I mean, you can inform 100 people of your business and not get any return and you can tell just a single person and see your business move to new heights.

It all depends on the kind of people you tell of your business. So, what you need to do now is to make a list of the possible people that fits your description

Perform an extensive research on them and from your results, compile your final results but you should know that your initial list you should consist of your friends, family and collegues.

2. Visit them and make your pitch

By making a pitch, you are simply promoting your business infront of an influencer or influencers.

Even though your list may consist of your friends, family and collegues, your pitch must be good to promot them to go the extra mile.

In your pitch, you need to highlight the unique selling point of your business. Take it and focus on it. Then you can mention other features that are important.

You also need to present it in a clean and orderly manner without mincing words.

3. Create a follow-up strategy

It is one thing to make a pitch of your business and it is another to actually follow-up on your potential influencers.

Most people won't keep your pitch in mind especially if they are busy and have other things to deal with.

So, the solution is to call, visit and text regularly but not to the point that he/she feels disturbed or even harrased. That can piss them off.

In conclusion

After all these things, you need to exercise patience and wait for a everyone of your potential influencers to respond.
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