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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

how to make your startup go viral through offline marketing

Online marketing has gone through some transformations along the years and might i say that they are phenominal.

But as the popularity of online marketing grew, the use of offline marketing strategies greatly declined. how do i mean?

According to statistica, 51% of small businesses prefer online marketing channels to offline marketing channels.

And if we take a look at it critically, it is true. A lot of people would prefer to stream videos online than to watch it on tv.

A lot of people would prefer to scan through popular news sites than to go through news papers and how may people read hand bills posted by the side of the road?

 Offline marketing seems like a big waste of time right? wrong. Though it may seem like it's the truth  if you fail to use this marketing channel effectively.

You may not get the kind of results you desire for your online startup. Now, i'm not going to bore you by saying put adverts on TV or place handbills all over your city

No i don't do that either but all i want to discuss about is the word of mouth marketing strategy.

Now this is an effective offline marketing strategy. Here is why.

- 84% of consumers trust reccomendations from friends, family members and even collegues in the office [source]

- 74% of consumers see the word of mouth marketing a s a key influencer in their purchasind desisions [source]

- More than 80% of Americans look for reccomendations when making a purchase of any kind [source]

 Here are more infographics from Business2Community

how to make your startup go viral through offline marketing
Here are some more infographics from Invesp 

how to make your startup go viral through offline marketing

I can keep going on and on with these statistics just to prove that word of mouth marketing is still surviving and thriving.

And if you want to dominate your niche, you have to focus on this area of offline marketing. So, what strategies can you employ with the word of mouth marketing?

1. Do some research on the people you want to tell 

While promoting your business through the means of offline marketing, you need to be selective in the kind of people you want to tell.

I mean, you can inform 100 people of your business and not get any return and you can tell just a single person and see your business move to new heights.

It all depends on the kind of people you tell of your business. So, what you need to do now is to make a list of the possible people that fits your description

Perform an extensive research on them and from your results, compile your final results but you should know that your initial list you should consist of your friends, family and collegues.

2. Visit them and make your pitch

By making a pitch, you are simply promoting your business infront of an influencer or influencers.

Even though your list may consist of your friends, family and collegues, your pitch must be good to promot them to go the extra mile.

In your pitch, you need to highlight the unique selling point of your business. Take it and focus on it. Then you can mention other features that are important.

You also need to present it in a clean and orderly manner without mincing words.

3. Create a follow-up strategy

It is one thing to make a pitch of your business and it is another to actually follow-up on your potential influencers.

Most people won't keep your pitch in mind especially if they are busy and have other things to deal with.

So, the solution is to call, visit and text regularly but not to the point that he/she feels disturbed or even harrased. That can piss them off.

In conclusion

After all these things, you need to exercise patience and wait for a everyone of your potential influencers to respond.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


You would agree with me that search engines have become part of our every day lives and with over 2 million blog posts being published every day, you can't just write anything and expect search engines to find it

But with serch engines beginning over 90% of online experiences, it will be ideal to get good rankings on them with Google being your number one priority

Because aside from the fact that google's first page recieves 95% of web traffic with other pages recieving the remaining 5 percent.

Some say 68% of all online experiences begins with google while others say 80% of all online experiences begin with google.

Mean while, a lot of people don't know this and it shouldn't be so because if you want to become a recognized enterpreneur, you need to know how to improve your search ranking on google.

I didn't know all these details when i started blogging and they were the reasons for most of my epic faliures.

And trust me i've had a lot of those but you don't need to go through all these because i'm going to show you all the techniques that helped my SEO and how you can apply it to your blog.

In this guide i'm going to cover the following

1. What is seo

2. How can i apply seo to my blog

1. What is seo

Search engine optimization [SEO] is the process of optimizing your online content for the purpose of affecting the visibility of your website or your webpage.

Being that search engines are regarded as the gateway that makes everything happen for users on the internet, it will always be a resourceful method of driving traffic to your site.

The major search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. but this is the reason why a lot of people focus more on Google:

* 93% of online experiences begin with search engines

* 68% of which begins with google

* While the first five results get 67% of all clicks

This video will help you understand the nitty gritty of google's search engine.


2. How can i apply seo to my blog

For a fact, search engines are smart but sometimes you need to help them out and with the right SEO, you can do just that there by connecting you with thousands of visitors. 

But as helpful as SEO is, it can work against your visibility on search engines if used wrongly. but that will also be analysed here.

Now, if you want to learn how to improve your search ranking on google, you need to know the two sides of SEO which are

White Hat And Black Hat

Black hat SEO focuses on methods of optimizing your content for the search engines not considering the user experience of the viewers.

This method works like a get rich quick scheme. It will get you all your desired results at the expense of your viewers and your integrity as a blogger.

It will give you sub standard content, spammy SEO and to top it all off, you still have a chance of getting banned without any means of developing a long term income.

It helps if you are despirate for money but it has more long term consequences than benefits and i would advise anyone considering it to stop.

White hat SEO on the other hand focuses on optimizing your content for search engines while putting your audience into consideration.

This method of optimization strikes a balance between your audience and the search engines and best of all, you will follow all the right optimization rules.

                                                                        learn SEO
But that is just one category of SEO. There is another broader classification of seo which includes:

1. On page SEO 

This is all the factors that google can find from taking a look at your site. I may not be able to analyze all the factors here 

Because there are almost(if not more than) 200 ranking factors and all these factors has not been discovered yet.

But i will discuss the major ones here. These are some of the factors below:

1. Content

Content has always been and will always be king. As much as your audience likes detailed content, so does google.

Because good content makes happy customers and when google has happy customers, chances are that they will return.

So what are the components of great content?


If you really want to find great content, quality should your first benchmark. This is just one of the many things missing in black hat SEO. 

And if you can take advantage of this, you can rank for almost any keyword. Just think about it. 

Almost every site featured in google search ranking are filled with descriptive content. So the more description your content has, the higher your google search ranking.  

I love how kissmetrics explained this in the ingredients of great content. You should check it out and find ot more from it.


I'm sure most people will agree with me that keywords are essential for SEO. So essential that Backlinko described it as the foundation of SEO.

With all the talk in the SEO world today about content and social signals it’s easy to forget a little thing that happens to be the foundation of SEO: keyword research. - Backlinko

It help search engines to find out if your content fits the description made by visitors. And as such, this is the one factor that you should spend time with.

That is why keyword research is important.


But at the same time, make sure that you don't stuff your content with keywords so you can avoid getting ignored by search engines. 

You can get more on keyword research from this article created by Ahrefs on keyword research in 2017 


Creating quality posts with relevant keywords consistently is good but one question i need to ask is do you keep your content fresh?

Yes making posts regularly helps to improve your search ranking on google  but how often do you keep your content up to date?

 Because making posts regularly is just one form of keeping your content up to date. Another way of doing this is by re-writing your content and putting additional information as it comes.


The next factor you need to take care of under on-page SEO is html. This is what makes up any site or blog.

You may think it is hard to understand but trust me, anyone can understand it. so, the factors you need to take care of in your website's html are as follows:
                                                                            How to improve your search ranking on google

And here is a video you can come back any time to check for reference

3. website architecture

The last part of on-page SEO is your site's architecture. It can get a little confusing but what you need to know about site architecture is this.

If you want to get a better user experience for your site or an easier page navigation, you need to understand the nitty gritty of on page SEO.

Here is a video to make you understand and implement a good site structure.

It may get a little confusing but if you miss anything, you can go back and check it again. 

2. Off-page SEO

The counter part of on-page SEO is Off-page SEO. It comprises mainly of all the external forces that will lead you to or push you away from 

improving your search ranking on google. Like i said earlier, there are over 200 ranking factors some of which have not been discovered yet.

but to keep it short and simple, i will be focusing on 4 major areas.

1. Trust

2. Links

3. Personal

4. Social

1. Trust 

As funny and as weird as it may sound, trust is a major ranking factor in off-page SEO.  Trustrank is used to measure the level of trust a website has.

Though this can't be accumulated except through patience and persistence, you can conciouslly take steps to increase the level of trust your website has. How?

Increase your domain authority

Your domain authority according to neil patel is a mix of your page rank and your domain authority and it is essential if you want to increase your search engine ranking.

how to improve your search ranking on google
           [image source]

Gain More Trusted links

If you want to learn how to improve your search ranking on google, you need to learn how to build links with trusted sites.

This can help because if you are linked with quality sites, and your content is good, Google will assume your site is quality as well.

And that will increase your overall domain authority but i will explain more of this later in this post.

Grow your domain age

The age of your domain has the capacity to determine your trust rank and this may sound silly but google respects age.

But like i said before, it can only be achieved through patience and persistence. 

2. links

Links are very important in the process of improving your search ranking.

But as this game changer can boost your rankings, it can also tear it down if you make the wrong moves in link building. Wrong moves like:

Linking to low quality domains

Trust me when i say it is better not to build links at all than to build links with low quality domains. It can significantly hurty your SEO.

And at the end of the day, you will get ignored by search engines or you may even get de- indexed by Google Panda.

Linking to irrelevant domains

Let me break it down like this. if you run a fashion blog, linking to other fashion blogs of high quality will be great for your SEO.

It is like when you get a reccomendation from a higher authority in your niche to Google. And if you get more than one of these links, it will be good for your search rankings

Linking with an unnatural anchor text

In the words of neil patel, the more natural the text link sounds, the better.

3. Personal

Years ago, all search results across all countries and all searchers were the same but presently, 10 different people across 10 different countries

can make the same search and get different results. Strange right? well this technique was developed to personalize search results.

Giving each searcher the result that will give them the best user experience possible. Sometimes, these factors can be beyond your control.

But if you want to target a particular audience, these are the factors you can control


The first thing you should know is that results differ by the country because words are interpreted differently by the country. This is how search engine land described it.

Someone in the US searching for “football” will get results about American football; someone in the UK will get results about the type of football that Americans would call soccer - Search Engine Land

This can be difficult if a particular country doesn't deem your content fit for the searchers in that country.


Google doen't stop at the country level but it goes deeper to the city wide targeting. That is why when you search for info on a transportation business

Google usually reveals the location of that business but that does not mean that is the only transportation business in that country.

Personal Search History

If a searcher has visited your site even once, you are more likely to show up as a result for that searcher.

how to improve your search engine ranking

4. Social

As most people already know, social media is a resourceful way of driving traffic to your site but what you may not know is that it can greatly help your SEO.

If you get quality shares from key influencers and lots of shares in general, it gives google an impression that your content is amazing.

This infographic from shane barker will help your off-page SEO
learn SEO

In conclusion

Search engine optimization [SEO] is essential if you want to improve your search ranking on google and ifyou enjoyed this post, click on the green btton on the right of your screen to recieve push notifications from this blog thank you.  

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

how can i double my sales through social media, how can i double my revenue sales through social media, how to skyrocket your sales through social media

Social media has proven over the years to be the best way of connecting to your friends, family, relatives and so on.

But researches and studies has made us to understand that social media can be much more than that.

A research performed by Adweek shows that $1.2 million in sales are made online every 30 seconds.

With $14,295 belonging to various social media platforms. This amazing invention has made millionaires out of  many individuals.

It has provided a stable source of income for many others and personally, the best opportunities i've ever come across came as a result of social media.

It can be whatever you want it to be and if you are searching for how to double your revenue sales through social media

Then you'll get exactly that. So, how can you double your sales through social media?  in phase one,you need to:

1. Find out the social platforms that works for you

2. Understand the trends of the social platforms

3. Build an audience

4. Increase engagement on social platforms

1. Find out the social platforms that works for you

This is the most important thing to discover if you want to answer the question how can you double your sales through social media.

Not all social platforms can generate sales for you and not all products can generate sales on certain social media platforms.

Even though they are all social media, they differ in the kind of crowd they attract. Though i can't start analyzing all social platforms

I can give a break down of these five:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a community created for the purpose of building relationships among friends, family and so on.

And if you are asking questions like is facebook an ideal place to make sales? then yes if you know what you are doing.

Because 79% of internet users also use facebook and the total monthly active users on facebook is 2 billion as of july 2017.

But like i said, facebook is a means of connecting with friends and family not to buy products or services.

but with the strategies i will analyze later on, you can make a lot of decent sales on facebook

2. Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social network that was developed to enable it's users connect with other users through tweets

While keeping up to date with news and occurences in the world but is it your ideal place to make sales?

Yes because on twitter alone, $4,308 in sales are made every 30 seconds  and it's been recorded that
24% of adults who use the internet are also twitter users.

And the total population of active twitter users monthly comes down to 319 million as of 2016. that is like saying 319 million potential customers

Just waiting for the right person to present the right product to them.

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is a more professional social networking service that mainly includes employers who posts jobs and employees who upload their CV's.

So if you are looking for a social network to make sales from then you should keep an eye on linkedin.

Though only 106 million users are active every month out of it's 500 million user base it has the capacity to bring more sales to your business.

Excluding the fact that 29% of adults who use the internet also use linkedin.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network which comprises of images, GIF's and videos. Many would refer to it as a catalog of ideas rather than an image based social network.

But can it actually be used as a means of making sales? that's a big yes because apart from the fact that there are 150 million active users on pinterest every month  

Excluding the fact that 31% of adults who use the internet are pinterest users.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a photo, GIF and video sharing social network something like pinterest but the only difference is that you can share stories about anything.

But is it ideal to make sales? yes. With a monthly active user base of 700 million and with 48.8% of brands using it.

Along with the fact that influencers on instagram earn as much as $100,000 by making one post you can't imagine what you can achieve.

Aside from the fact that 32% of adults who use the internet also use instagram


2. understand the trends of the social platforms

If you genuinely want to learn how to double your revenue sales through social media then you need to find out the trends of the social platforms 

I'm talking about which time of the day to share which day of the week to share and everything in between.

You might wonder why this is important but it can give you more attention and significantly increase your sales for half the effort.

And that is what differentiates hard work from smart work. It is a fact that these trends must be learnt but it is also a fact that you can't learn it from just anyone. 

You may have seen infographics on which time of the day or which day of the week to share posts on various social platforms

As you searched the internet or otherwise. Though the reports may be true it may not work for you 

Let me explain it this way. While i was doing a research on the best time to post to twitter, my result was early in the morning or late at night any day of the week.

But i performed my research based on the fact that my niche focuses on offline and online marketing. 

Now if i adviced a friend on that topic but his niche focuses on technology, he may not get the same results as i did why? because of the difference in our niches.

So while you're in search of this information, be specific about your niche and make sure you don't leave any stone unturned.

3. Build an audience

This is where everything starts getting tricky because building an audience takes time and there is no better way around it.

However, i've been doing some research and i found out that you need to do the following to build an audience on social media.

how can i doube my sales through social media, how can i double my revenue sales through social media, how to skyrocket your sales through social media

4. Increase engagement on social platforms

Understanding the trends of social platforms is good building an audience is great but if you don't engage them, all your hard work will go down the drain.

So in order to avoid this:

1. Loosen up a little on social media.

2. Make sure your posts are readable on all screen types.

3. Earn the trust of your audience.

4. Engage your audience with videos regularly.

5. Pay attention to your mobile posts.

In a nutshell.

how can i promote my small business on social media, how can i promote my business on social media

Now that you've setteled all this, you can go on to the main sales tactics. In order to double your sales on social media, you need to:

1. Draw attention from the social platforms of your choice
The first step to doing this is by drawing attention but to do that you must have had a level of engagement on social media.

That is where the first phase of your strategy comes in.  To draw attention, you need a lot of followers across multiple social platforms.

But if you don't have a lot of followers, you can use ads on social media. Though they aren't my personal favourites, they get the job done.

And if you should use any, try facebook ads. It has features that will target users in a specific country, state or area. 

This can be useful if you want to sell products to individuals in a particular location.

 The only other thing you need to do is to share a link to your followers that will take them to your site or page and from there, you will.

2. Write a long and compelling post

After you must have done step one, you need to write a long and compelling post. It has to be relevant.

Something that will impact them. Something that is worth their time and to do that, you need to to write a quality post(between 2000 and 3000 words)

And in that post, include the link(s) to the product/service you want to sell. Like what i did with facebook ads in my previous point. 

Your purpose of writing this post is to show them the why buying your product/service isn't a mistake while giving them useful information.

3. Make the sale short and sweet.

When you recieve clicks from the links in your post, you need to make the rest of the sale and payment quick and easy.

If it is an affiliate program you are making sales for, you don't need to worry about much but if  you are making sales for your business

You need to check and re-check the entire system and make sure the product/service is delivered to the buyer.

In conclusion

you need to do all these things without any missing detail and you need to repeat this exercise as you gather more followers 

Or with a different location via facebook ads. Finally, you need to be thorough if you want to learn how to skyrocket your sales through social media.

Monday, 2 October 2017

   What can small businesses benefit from having a website?, What your small business can benefit from having a website

It is no secret that the internet has found it's way into the lives of billions of  individuals around the world

And for that reason, any business that is going to succeed must have a website. That is a fact yet According to Espresso Digital, over 29% of small businesses still don't have websites

And as for the ones that have, 23% update their site less than once a year. If you fall into the category of business owners that don't have websites then i beg you go and get one as soon as possible.
So, what are the benefits of a website? you can:

1. Gain more customers

2. Stay ahead of the competition

3. Have greater awareness

4. Enjoy a wider range of audience

5. Earn trust faster

6. Generate higher revenue

1. Gain more customers

Having an office and everything is good but the fact still remains that without a website, you are still limited

And you will never really know how much success you can achieve. Yes your business may be popular in your city

But does your business have any chance of surviving outside it? or will your business have to file for bankrupcy if you leave your city?

These are questions you need to answer and a good website will help you answer them because the internet can be classified as a global community

Cutting across thousands if not millions of societies, cultures and communities And that is why you need to take advantage of it.

2. Stay ahead of the competition

A lot of business owners and enterpreneurs miss the fact that no matter the decisions you take and the advancements you make

Your competitors are at it too and the easiest way to stay ahead of them is by using a website. Just taking advantage of  reports and infographics available on the internet

Can be the game changer you need.

3. Have greater awareness

I know i speak for most enterpreneurs when i say it is painful when put in your blood, sweat and tears into your start up only to be discovered by a few people.

It can bring down your morale but it does not have to be like that because with a website and the right content, you can attract more people than you can imagine

Because like i said earlier, the internet is a global community and because of that, you can easily take advantage

4. Enjoy a wider range of audience

Have you ever been overcome with frustration concerning your sales? or wondered where all your time, money and effort on your marketing strategy  is going to?

Trust me it's not strange and most times it doesn't mean the effort and recources your putting into your business is not enough.

Your business may just be trying to say 'i need something else'. In these cases, you need all the options you can get.

And the best way to get them is by turning to the internet. Your marketing options on the internet are limitless.

And the best part is you don't even have to spend up to half of your marketing budget for twice the audience.

5. Earn trust faster

I can't count the number of business opportunities i've lost because i didn't have a strong online presence but that is just the way people are.

A study performed in 2015 by Verisign shows that 84% of customers believe that  small businesses with websites are more credible than small businesses without one.

And to remain relevant in the 21st century, you need to have a small business website

6. Generate higher revenue

No matter how you try or how much money you spend on marketing, You may not get to the level of success you desire if you don't have a website.

Because for small businesses with websites, 69% generate between $1,000,000 and $2,490,000 and the bigger your business grows, the higher your revenue becomes

Amazon.com is a good example of such. Because it spends a lot to maintain it's site, it makes billions in revenue every year.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

                                                                       what is niche marketing and why is it important, steps to successful niche marketing

A lot of people fail to see the opportunities hidden within niche marketing and it is the reasons for a lot of faliures on and off the internet.

It is one of the reasons why most of my previous startup's were not successful.It is one of the reasons why there are so many unsuccessful enterpreneurs out there

And it is one of the reasons why some businesses aren't just noticed even tough they are tirelessly working day and night to produce quality content.

But all these can be avoided because niche marketing does not have to be complicated.

And  through this course, we are going to prove that fact by discuss the following:

1. What is niche marketing?

2.   Why is it important?

3.  Steps to successful niche marketing

1. What is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is a form of focusing all marketing efforts in a small but well defined segment of the overall population.

And in the process of this, you must define your customers needs according to your designated niche

2. Why is niche marketing important?

I know some if not most people would have asked why niche marketing is important by now well it is necessary because:

1. It helps you define your target audience

If you are already in business and you don't know your target audience, then something is really wrong.

Quite a number of  entrepreneurs don't succeed in business because because of this.

And with good reason.I mean how do you expect to gain recognition if you don't even know the people in your niche?

But the good news is you can define your target audience if you carefully work at it

2. It reduces your competition 

Another great advantage of niche marketing is less competition.Because like i said earlier, you are targeting a smaller segment of the population.

Though it is important for companies to have competitors , less competition can help a gret deal  in getting more recognition for you.

Take for instance, you own a coffee shop but there are several coffee shops in your environment, what would you do?

A good way to go about this is to look for other breeds of coffee and find the right blend.You have successfully satisfied your customers

And you have successfully reduced your competition.

3.  It increases your visibility

One of the many advantages of niche marketing is increased visibility.In other words it increases your online presence.

it helps you get in front of the right people rather than getting in front of a lot of people which is way more imporant.

4.  It helps in building strong relationships

The best way to build stronger and more intimate relationships with your audience, potential customers and competitors(yes competitors) is niche marketing.

And in any case, having good relationships with your audience and customers will drastically reduce your overall effort towards your marketing strategy.

It will also enhance the performance of your content, products and business.

5. It increases your expertise

Like i said earlier, niche marketing focuses on a smaller segment of the overall population.So since you are focusing on a smaller segment

Your knowledge about your choosen segment wil increase

3. Steps to successful niche marketing

After all the definitions and advantages of niche marketing, what are the steps to successful niche marketing?  you need to:

1. Define your niche

This is the first and by far most important step in this entire process because the importance of defining your niche cannot be stressed.

So how can you achieve this? you need to:

1. Target a large niche

In defining your niche, you shouldn't pick a large niche not a small one because gaining recognition in a large niche pays more than doing so in a small one.

That is why niche marketing is neglected among a lot of marketers because it tends to cover a smaller segment of the overall population but that can be easily avoided.

Take for instance i have a blog that focuses on business but the busines niche is massive so in order to pick a large niche in the business niche.

A good choice would be the marketing and advertising niche.

2. Find a smaller niche in the larger one

After targeting a large niche, pick out and dwell on a smaller one.By doing this, you have reduced the effort you need to dominate the smaller niche.

Think of it as using the smaller niche as a starting point to dominate the larger one.

Take for instance, I've decided to focus on the marketing and advertising niche(from the previous example).

But the marketing and advertising niche is also really large which makes it difficult to conquer so in order to pick a smalle.r

And relatively easier niche to conquer, a good choice in this instance would be the offline marketing niche.

And that is all you need to do to define your niche.

2. Recognize the key competitors in your niche

This is the second step to successful niche marketing.And it is important to do this because:

1. you need to keep an eye on them

2. you need to learn from their experience

3. you need to find out what worked for them

So how can you find out the key competitors in your niche? the easy way to do this is to

1. make a search on google.

2. Pick all the results on the first page

3. cross check their domain authority with Moz tool bar

4. Any site on the first page with a domain authority less than 50 should be removed.

The number of site's that are remaining after that will most likely be the key competitors in your niche.

3. Let your marketing strategy be precise

If you want to be successful in niche marketing, you need to develop an effective marketing strategy.

This is the second most important part of this entire process and it is also where all the work comes in.

so the only thing you need to note in this section is that you need to make sure that you aren't deviating from your selected niche.

for more info on this, read this article

4. Be patient and persistent

You can't overlook the place of patience and persistence if you want to dominate niche marketing.

If you take a look at the key competitors in your niche, it must have taken them years to be where they are today.

And the reality of this is that there are no exceptions in this case. read this article for more information.

5. Divide and conquer

This is the final step in this process.So basically, the principle of this technique is to dominate your niche by using different methods of marketing.

Think of it as using differentarrows to hit one target.Read this article to get more information on this.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

dominate your niche,dominate your niche through patience and persistence
The pain of any online enterpreneur is when you do your best to get some attention and it seems like you are not just getting noticed in your niche.

Trust me when i say i know how it feels.Many times, i've ventured into one online business or the other but i gave up on all of them.

A total of  50 online businesses i've ventured into and a total of 50 online businesses i've failed at because i didn't understand patience & persistence.

Until a few months ago while i was about giving up on this blog.I found out that

1. Others have been there before you

2. Some of your competitors have more experience than you

3. Getting recognition takes time

4.  Building an audience take time

5.  Getting your audience to trust your brand takes time

1. Others Have Been There Before You
The truth about any internet business you can venture into is that there have been people who have beaten you to it with years.Take for instance this blog.

One of the major competitors in my niche is neil patel and he beat me to it over 10 years ago and presently, the traffic to his blog is over 100 times what mine is.

Looking at this difference for me was discouraging.It almost made me throw in the towel but instead of doing that, I choose to learn from him.

The experiences he has passed through, the set backs he has faced, the methods he applied that worked for him.

And so far, it has been working for me and this can also work for you.All you need to do is

1. Find out the major competitors in your niche.
 Finding out the major competitors in your niche can help a lot because from your analysis, you can find out:

1. where most of the potential customers in your niche are going to

2. which brands get more loyalty

3. which brands aquire more trust.

So if you want to perform an analysis:

1. Make a list of the top 50 most respected competitors in your niche.

2. Filter your list by the popularity of your competitors.

3. Filter it again by the positive remarks made about your competitors.

 And effectively, you should have a smaller list of 10-20 brands or less by now and that is all you need.

2. Perform an extensive research to find out what worked for them.

This can be a little difficult because of the number of people and companies you have to analyze but to keep it simple, research at your own pace and don't get worked up.

Now, what exactly what do you need to find out?

1.The year your competitors started business.

2. Your competitor's annual income when they started business.

3.The competitor's present annual income.

4. A biography of your competitor's.

5. Major interviews the company's CEO has had

And that's all you need to focus on throughout your research.

3. Pick the necessary stuff out of your research.

This is one big reason why people think research doesn't work so i beg you, Pick the necessary stuff only.

If not, you will find yourself trying to copy your competitors style and this will earn you some back lashes instead of respect in your niche.

And just to clarify, the purpose of your research is to know the basic principles your competitor's used to become authorities.

And your job after that is to develop your own style.That will give your business the uniqueness it deserves.

4. Apply it to your business.

This is the final and most crucial part of this exercise.To do this, apply these basic principles you extracted from your research

And find out a way to relate it to your business.

2. Some Of  Your Competitors Have More Experience Than You

 This is another fact that you just have to deal with.Some of your competitors will definitely have more experience than you.

 But again it just depends on how you choose to look at it.You can choose to be overwhelmed by the whole situation or you can choose to be:

1. Creative

Yes i agree that nothing beats experience but i can also let you know that creativity will always go a long way in giving your competitors a run for their money.

Let's consider the fact that experience is necessary in any business because it helps develop one's sensitivity towards changes in your niche and the open market.

But how on earth do you expect to adjust to those changes if you aren't creative? that is just it.

2. Innovative

Still talking about experience, it is important to know that it can help you adapt to unexpected circumstances.

But does that mean innovation can't do all these things?

I mean the whole essence of innovation is to apply effective solutions for the sole purpose of satisfying the customers needs.

Though it can't replace experience at least it can help.

But remember that while utilizing these points to your advantage you need to do your very best to gather as much experience as possible.

3. Getting Recognition Takes Time

I'm sure you'll agree with me that some of the most authoritative websites have been around for a long time.

Let's use wikipedia as a case study.This is a really authoritative website ranking for a good number of keywords but it has been in existence for over 15 years.

Another example i'm going to use is google.Currently, google has more authority than any other website on the internet.

Google controls up to 60% of the mothly searches made across the world and it ranks on alexa rankings as number one but it has been in existence for over 20 years.

And i can keep going on and on about companies & websites like that across multiple niches just to stress the fact that you must be patient & persistent if you want dominate your niche.

There is no two way about it.The only thing you can do is to:

1. Make sure you're giving your best to your business. 

The one thing that you can be sure about is that patience will help you to dominate your niche.

But another thing that you can be sure about is that you won't achieve your goal unless you work for it.

That is where persistence and hard work comes in.So at any point in time, always make sure you're giving your best and never loose sight of that.

2. Make sure you're using the right strategies.

Giving your best towards your business is one thing and using the right medium to deliver your best is another.

This is one big reason why it seems like your best is just not working.In any instance, make sure you're using the right strategies to dominate your niche.

Use the right, the good and the best to achieve your goal and nothing less.

3. Make sure you haven't left any stone unturned.

Think you've done your absolute best? think again and again and again because you musn't leave any part unattended to.

Be thorough in the whole sense of the word because any little mistake can be a risk to your business

4. Building an audience takes time

If you've ever done business before, you'll agree with me that gathering customers is hard and the difficulty increases when you are doing it online.

And what makes it more difficult is that new competition is springing up every day but that shouldn't discourage you.

Because if you want to  build your audience you need to:

1. Set definite goals

Though growing your audience will take time, one way you can get a headstart is by setting goals for yourself.

Set short-term goals and long-term goals for yourself.Write it down in a safe place and review it from time to time.

                                                                         dominate your niche through patience and persistence

Another thing you should not do is to set unrealistic goals.An example of such is "trying to get 10,000 new customers by the end of next week".

That is virtually impossible for a developing company and this has been a source of stress to many individuals.

2. Create definite action plans to achieve your goal

Having an action plan always helps to achieve your goals faster.Think of it as a medium that brings you closer to the growth you have been expecting.

And as such, it should be treated with extreme care.For instance, if  i want to get 100 new customers within 2 months, it means that i should be developing strategies in that direction to achieve that goal.

3. Build enough momentum

If you want to experience the kind of growth in your audience that you desire, you need to build enough momentum.

But how can you achieve this? Let me explain how.

I remember in my first month of opening this blog, i had a little over 300 page views in the entire month!!!

So frustrating right? but a few months down the line, i recieved between 1000 - 2000 page views every month.Over 400% increase.

How did it happen? i targeted all my posts, social media engagement and content marketing strategies towards growing my page views.

It worked for me and it can work for you too.

4. Develop yourself in anticipation of growth

This is the final and most important part of this segment.After setting goals, creating action plans and building enough momentum

Do all you can to develop yourself, your knowledge and experience  and that of those working with you.

Because your audience always want the best and most accurate information/services and once they find out you aren't giving it to them, they will loose interest.

And we can't have that so read books and reoprts, carry out researches and surveys so you can develop your knowledge and satisfy your audience.

5. Getting your audience to trust your brand takes time

If you think building an audience is hard, then i don't know what you'll think about getting your audience to trust your brand.

The truth is that it doesn't have to be complicated but it definitely will take time. but if you want to get a headstart in this segment, the only thing i suggest is

                                                  Content Marketing



Friday, 8 September 2017

generate more sales,generate more revenue sales

     It would be really nice if every start-up on the internet becomes popular and makes rewarding sales within it's first two years.

But that is just a dream that will never come true because a only a small percentage(less than 3%) of all online enterpreneurs actually become popular and make money and even a smaller percentage achieves this within a space of two years.

But that shouldn't scare you because lot of enterpreneurs have also succeeded online and you will not be an exception

Then what's going wrong?
  Basically, internet business has been really blown out of proportion and this has made it look harder than it actually is.

Though it can get a little technical and frustrating but with a little extra effort, you can successfully increase your sales.

So, where exactly are the things you need to generate more sales
1. An SEO ready website

2. Quality products 

3. Quality customer service

4. Consistency

5. Persistence

1. An SEO Ready Website
          Owning a nice website to recieve your potential customers will always do well in increasing your businesses conversion rate.

Which  is sure to do well in generating leads and prospects which means more customers.

So what should be your key points while creating a design for your website?

 * Keep Your Website's Content Easy To Scan
        The one thing you should never forget is that visitors to your website will always have alternatives to your product/service.

So while creating a design for your website try to keep it as viewer friendly as possible.

You can learn a thing or two from the L.A Times website which has one of the most classic yet simple on site designs compared to other news sites

generate more sales, generate more revenue sales

  The white background and bold letters are cleverly extracted to give more attention to the content and ultimately makes the user experience amazing.

 * Keep The Design Clean And Simple
 According to blue corona's research, 48% of people detemine the credibility of a business by it's website design.

 And according to neil patel, simple design is timeless which means that the relevance of your brand
in the years to come depends on the simplicity of your site's design

So try to focus on the important stuff so you can keep your designs as simple as possible to avoid loosing the credibility you're still trying to build

* Keep Your Website At Lightening Speeds
It is no secret that fast websites get lower bounce rates and effectively more customers because every visitor you get expects your site to load within 2 seconds (max 3)

                                                                        generate more revenue sales

 And from this report if your website is 1 second slower than it should be, then you could loose $2.5 million in sales every year 

 That is how much money a slow website leaves on the table and the best way to prevent this is by 

 1. Compress Large Files On Your Website

 2. Enabling Browser Chaching On Your Website

 4. Optimizing Images

  1. Compress Large Files On Your Website

   Any good website that is writing quality content will undoubtebly have large files and this will          make your web pages slow to download.

  so the best way to get out of this mess is to zip the files on your web pages what professionals call compression.

This technique has the capacity to reduce your load time by over 60% there by increasing your conversions by 7% which means more customers and more sales.

 For zipping files on your web pages, i suggest using Gzip because most servers can compress files in Gzip.

 For more details on Gzip, read this article that explains how to optimize your site with Gzip compression.

2. Enable Browser Chaching On Your Website

  If you are not familiar with this term, just think of  it as a way for browsers to store images, files, java script or even the entire page of a website to help the website load faster during subsequent visits.

 According to Tenni Theurer, a brand new visitor to your website will have to download all these stuff i mentioned earlier(which for a standard website could be up to 30 components) and for the first visit will spend an average of  2.4 seconds.

                                                                 load time 1

 But when that visitor comes again, only a few components need to load since he/she already has these files stored in their chache.

load time 2

And from this report, this single action can shave your load time by almost 2 seconds leaving your website's load time at 0.9 seconds

3. Optimizing Images

Images are another big reason why websites are so slow but to optimize your images, i suggest using
WP smush.it plugin to optimize your images

2. Quality Product's

 You can do all the optimizations in the world but the best optimization that any business can have is quality.

 Even if you have the neatest web design, fastest web pages or even the best conversion strategy and you don't have quality products, you will loose your reputation as an enterpreneur.

And that is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve.So in a bid to avoid this, you need to start by

1. Checking And Re-checking Product Defects

 Defective products are not set backs you need to have because a defective product can cost you up to 67% of the clients you already have(or don't have).

 Let me explain it this way.

 A product with a defectiveness of 5 out of 10 or 50% will have the following impact in the open market

*  9 out of every 10 customers will notice this defect

*  More than 6 of them will swear never to use the product again

*  8 of them will tell at least 10 of their friends

*  9 out of those friends will decide not to buy the product in the future without even trying it

*  8 out of those 9 will tell even more people

 And if this doesn't stop somehow(which it will not) you stand to loose $9.1 million in sales every  year assuming the product cost $10(and it could be worse).

 All this just because of a careless mistake.That is why you can't under mine this point

 But this analysis can also work in your favour only if you check the product's quality and possibly, hire a team to analyze the product.

2. Focus On Achieveing A Quality User Experience

 The only other thing that is worse than a defective product is an amazing product with a terrible user experience.

 But how terrible can it be?  It can cost you nearly double of what a defective product can cost you.

So if you want to stop this, i suggest that you.

1. make the user interface as simple as possible.

2. Use only the important stuff in your product.

3. Get opinions from your customers

4. Give your customers quality products/service

5. Always give your customers helpful links and articles

 3. Quality Customer Service

 If you want to get the number of customers that you desire and even more, the next area you need to focus on is the quality of your customer service.

 Whether you own an offline business, an online business or both,  you can never undermine the power of quality customer service.

 Time after time, i see businesses shut down or even go bankrupt over this issue and if they haven't, it is just a matter of time

 Because the number of customers you have or don't have depends on the quality customer service you offer.

 But how do you develop a quality customer service? you can start by following these golden rule's

 * Keep in touch with your customers

 * Show your customers that you care

 * Never argue with your customers

 * Always be focused on solving your customer's needs

  4. Consistency

   I know many may be like what?? well believe it or not consistency is really important in building a successful business and loyal customers.

  You need to be consistent in your business(online or offline) because:

1. Consistency gives people an idea of your attitude towards business

2. Consistency shows people how trustworthy you are

3. Consistency helps to manage perceptions about your brand and business
4. Consistency can earn you loyal customers

 5.  Persistence
  The last and most important thing i want to point out is that if you are going to successfully get tons of customers along with respect in your niche, you need to be persistent. 

 If you take a look at the most respected brands, companies, online enterpreneurs or even bloggers, you'll find out that 

1. They didn't just get there.

2. They didn't get that respect by accident.

 Everything every step they took was well planned out and trust me when i say nothing happened by accident.   





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