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Sunday, 1 October 2017

                                                                       what is niche marketing and why is it important, steps to successful niche marketing

A lot of people fail to see the opportunities hidden within niche marketing and it is the reasons for a lot of faliures on and off the internet.

It is one of the reasons why most of my previous startup's were not successful.It is one of the reasons why there are so many unsuccessful enterpreneurs out there

And it is one of the reasons why some businesses aren't just noticed even tough they are tirelessly working day and night to produce quality content.

But all these can be avoided because niche marketing does not have to be complicated.

And  through this course, we are going to prove that fact by discuss the following:

1. What is niche marketing?

2.   Why is it important?

3.  Steps to successful niche marketing

1. What is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is a form of focusing all marketing efforts in a small but well defined segment of the overall population.

And in the process of this, you must define your customers needs according to your designated niche

2. Why is niche marketing important?

I know some if not most people would have asked why niche marketing is important by now well it is necessary because:

1. It helps you define your target audience

If you are already in business and you don't know your target audience, then something is really wrong.

Quite a number of  entrepreneurs don't succeed in business because because of this.

And with good reason.I mean how do you expect to gain recognition if you don't even know the people in your niche?

But the good news is you can define your target audience if you carefully work at it

2. It reduces your competition 

Another great advantage of niche marketing is less competition.Because like i said earlier, you are targeting a smaller segment of the population.

Though it is important for companies to have competitors , less competition can help a gret deal  in getting more recognition for you.

Take for instance, you own a coffee shop but there are several coffee shops in your environment, what would you do?

A good way to go about this is to look for other breeds of coffee and find the right blend.You have successfully satisfied your customers

And you have successfully reduced your competition.

3.  It increases your visibility

One of the many advantages of niche marketing is increased visibility.In other words it increases your online presence.

it helps you get in front of the right people rather than getting in front of a lot of people which is way more imporant.

4.  It helps in building strong relationships

The best way to build stronger and more intimate relationships with your audience, potential customers and competitors(yes competitors) is niche marketing.

And in any case, having good relationships with your audience and customers will drastically reduce your overall effort towards your marketing strategy.

It will also enhance the performance of your content, products and business.

5. It increases your expertise

Like i said earlier, niche marketing focuses on a smaller segment of the overall population.So since you are focusing on a smaller segment

Your knowledge about your choosen segment wil increase

3. Steps to successful niche marketing

After all the definitions and advantages of niche marketing, what are the steps to successful niche marketing?  you need to:

1. Define your niche

This is the first and by far most important step in this entire process because the importance of defining your niche cannot be stressed.

So how can you achieve this? you need to:

1. Target a large niche

In defining your niche, you shouldn't pick a large niche not a small one because gaining recognition in a large niche pays more than doing so in a small one.

That is why niche marketing is neglected among a lot of marketers because it tends to cover a smaller segment of the overall population but that can be easily avoided.

Take for instance i have a blog that focuses on business but the busines niche is massive so in order to pick a large niche in the business niche.

A good choice would be the marketing and advertising niche.

2. Find a smaller niche in the larger one

After targeting a large niche, pick out and dwell on a smaller one.By doing this, you have reduced the effort you need to dominate the smaller niche.

Think of it as using the smaller niche as a starting point to dominate the larger one.

Take for instance, I've decided to focus on the marketing and advertising niche(from the previous example).

But the marketing and advertising niche is also really large which makes it difficult to conquer so in order to pick a smalle.r

And relatively easier niche to conquer, a good choice in this instance would be the offline marketing niche.

And that is all you need to do to define your niche.

2. Recognize the key competitors in your niche

This is the second step to successful niche marketing.And it is important to do this because:

1. you need to keep an eye on them

2. you need to learn from their experience

3. you need to find out what worked for them

So how can you find out the key competitors in your niche? the easy way to do this is to

1. make a search on google.

2. Pick all the results on the first page

3. cross check their domain authority with Moz tool bar

4. Any site on the first page with a domain authority less than 50 should be removed.

The number of site's that are remaining after that will most likely be the key competitors in your niche.

3. Let your marketing strategy be precise

If you want to be successful in niche marketing, you need to develop an effective marketing strategy.

This is the second most important part of this entire process and it is also where all the work comes in.

so the only thing you need to note in this section is that you need to make sure that you aren't deviating from your selected niche.

for more info on this, read this article

4. Be patient and persistent

You can't overlook the place of patience and persistence if you want to dominate niche marketing.

If you take a look at the key competitors in your niche, it must have taken them years to be where they are today.

And the reality of this is that there are no exceptions in this case. read this article for more information.

5. Divide and conquer

This is the final step in this process.So basically, the principle of this technique is to dominate your niche by using different methods of marketing.

Think of it as using differentarrows to hit one target.Read this article to get more information on this.


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