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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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Social media has proven over the years to be the best way of connecting to your friends, family, relatives and so on.

But researches and studies has made us to understand that social media can be much more than that.

A research performed by Adweek shows that $1.2 million in sales are made online every 30 seconds.

With $14,295 belonging to various social media platforms. This amazing invention has made millionaires out of  many individuals.

It has provided a stable source of income for many others and personally, the best opportunities i've ever come across came as a result of social media.

It can be whatever you want it to be and if you are searching for how to double your revenue sales through social media

Then you'll get exactly that. So, how can you double your sales through social media?  in phase one,you need to:

1. Find out the social platforms that works for you

2. Understand the trends of the social platforms

3. Build an audience

4. Increase engagement on social platforms

1. Find out the social platforms that works for you

This is the most important thing to discover if you want to answer the question how can you double your sales through social media.

Not all social platforms can generate sales for you and not all products can generate sales on certain social media platforms.

Even though they are all social media, they differ in the kind of crowd they attract. Though i can't start analyzing all social platforms

I can give a break down of these five:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a community created for the purpose of building relationships among friends, family and so on.

And if you are asking questions like is facebook an ideal place to make sales? then yes if you know what you are doing.

Because 79% of internet users also use facebook and the total monthly active users on facebook is 2 billion as of july 2017.

But like i said, facebook is a means of connecting with friends and family not to buy products or services.

but with the strategies i will analyze later on, you can make a lot of decent sales on facebook

2. Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social network that was developed to enable it's users connect with other users through tweets

While keeping up to date with news and occurences in the world but is it your ideal place to make sales?

Yes because on twitter alone, $4,308 in sales are made every 30 seconds  and it's been recorded that
24% of adults who use the internet are also twitter users.

And the total population of active twitter users monthly comes down to 319 million as of 2016. that is like saying 319 million potential customers

Just waiting for the right person to present the right product to them.

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is a more professional social networking service that mainly includes employers who posts jobs and employees who upload their CV's.

So if you are looking for a social network to make sales from then you should keep an eye on linkedin.

Though only 106 million users are active every month out of it's 500 million user base it has the capacity to bring more sales to your business.

Excluding the fact that 29% of adults who use the internet also use linkedin.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network which comprises of images, GIF's and videos. Many would refer to it as a catalog of ideas rather than an image based social network.

But can it actually be used as a means of making sales? that's a big yes because apart from the fact that there are 150 million active users on pinterest every month  

Excluding the fact that 31% of adults who use the internet are pinterest users.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a photo, GIF and video sharing social network something like pinterest but the only difference is that you can share stories about anything.

But is it ideal to make sales? yes. With a monthly active user base of 700 million and with 48.8% of brands using it.

Along with the fact that influencers on instagram earn as much as $100,000 by making one post you can't imagine what you can achieve.

Aside from the fact that 32% of adults who use the internet also use instagram


2. understand the trends of the social platforms

If you genuinely want to learn how to double your revenue sales through social media then you need to find out the trends of the social platforms 

I'm talking about which time of the day to share which day of the week to share and everything in between.

You might wonder why this is important but it can give you more attention and significantly increase your sales for half the effort.

And that is what differentiates hard work from smart work. It is a fact that these trends must be learnt but it is also a fact that you can't learn it from just anyone. 

You may have seen infographics on which time of the day or which day of the week to share posts on various social platforms

As you searched the internet or otherwise. Though the reports may be true it may not work for you 

Let me explain it this way. While i was doing a research on the best time to post to twitter, my result was early in the morning or late at night any day of the week.

But i performed my research based on the fact that my niche focuses on offline and online marketing. 

Now if i adviced a friend on that topic but his niche focuses on technology, he may not get the same results as i did why? because of the difference in our niches.

So while you're in search of this information, be specific about your niche and make sure you don't leave any stone unturned.

3. Build an audience

This is where everything starts getting tricky because building an audience takes time and there is no better way around it.

However, i've been doing some research and i found out that you need to do the following to build an audience on social media.

how can i doube my sales through social media, how can i double my revenue sales through social media, how to skyrocket your sales through social media

4. Increase engagement on social platforms

Understanding the trends of social platforms is good building an audience is great but if you don't engage them, all your hard work will go down the drain.

So in order to avoid this:

1. Loosen up a little on social media.

2. Make sure your posts are readable on all screen types.

3. Earn the trust of your audience.

4. Engage your audience with videos regularly.

5. Pay attention to your mobile posts.

In a nutshell.

how can i promote my small business on social media, how can i promote my business on social media

Now that you've setteled all this, you can go on to the main sales tactics. In order to double your sales on social media, you need to:

1. Draw attention from the social platforms of your choice
The first step to doing this is by drawing attention but to do that you must have had a level of engagement on social media.

That is where the first phase of your strategy comes in.  To draw attention, you need a lot of followers across multiple social platforms.

But if you don't have a lot of followers, you can use ads on social media. Though they aren't my personal favourites, they get the job done.

And if you should use any, try facebook ads. It has features that will target users in a specific country, state or area. 

This can be useful if you want to sell products to individuals in a particular location.

 The only other thing you need to do is to share a link to your followers that will take them to your site or page and from there, you will.

2. Write a long and compelling post

After you must have done step one, you need to write a long and compelling post. It has to be relevant.

Something that will impact them. Something that is worth their time and to do that, you need to to write a quality post(between 2000 and 3000 words)

And in that post, include the link(s) to the product/service you want to sell. Like what i did with facebook ads in my previous point. 

Your purpose of writing this post is to show them the why buying your product/service isn't a mistake while giving them useful information.

3. Make the sale short and sweet.

When you recieve clicks from the links in your post, you need to make the rest of the sale and payment quick and easy.

If it is an affiliate program you are making sales for, you don't need to worry about much but if  you are making sales for your business

You need to check and re-check the entire system and make sure the product/service is delivered to the buyer.

In conclusion

you need to do all these things without any missing detail and you need to repeat this exercise as you gather more followers 

Or with a different location via facebook ads. Finally, you need to be thorough if you want to learn how to skyrocket your sales through social media.


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