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Thursday, 17 August 2017

                                                                      generate more leads for beginners 

        As a marketer or business owner, you would agree with me that one of the factors that keeps any

business alive is sales and to have sales, you need unlimited leads(even if you are a beginner) but the question on most people's minds right

now is 'what if i don't have any leads?' Well if you're new to the internet business
i'd like to say that it's normal for new start up's to struggle with leads and sales but don't give up.just

*Stick with your marketing strategy but make improvements where neccessary

*Improve he presentability of your website and pages

*Give your customers reasons why they should buy your product/service

*Keep working on your product/service

   And after doing all this, just be patient and i'm sure you'll get more leads but if your internet  business  

 has been around for a while(4 -5 years) and you're not geting any leads, then i'd advice you to

1. Stop all you are doing

2. Evaluate your company/business

3. Evaluate your staff/work force

4. Evaluate your marketing strategy

5. Evaluate yourself

6. Work on the loop holes in your evaluations

7.  change your conversion strategy

8.  look for potential customers in the right places

9.  Apply your 'trip wire' at the right time

10. Give out free stuff

1. Stop All You Are Doing
            I know this first step sounds really odd and with good reason. One may ask questions like

why stop operations in your company/business just to generate more leads? but the truth is that if you

really want to find out the source of all the problems in your company, you just have to.

 Once upon a time, i started my first business and back then, i had access to some really helpful resources

and some really good money but that business closed down faster than any of my numerous start-up's  why?

because coupled with the fact that i was young and naiive, i kept running the business but it wasn't growing.

So my advice to you is to stop the operations before the operations stop you.

2. Evaluate Your Company/Business
             Before you can conclude on what you're doing wrong, you need to evaluate your company

but what and where should you start from?

* The number of unique visitors your website gets

* Where you website ranks on different search engines

* Where your website ranks on different social media platforms

* How much value your product/service brings

* Where Your Website Ranks On Major Search Engines
              This is what we generally know as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) but what most people don't know is that

SEO is more things than one and what do i mean by this? i'm trying to say that many factors ranging from

page traffic to backlinks are considered in making a website to rank at number one on most search engines

so what can you do to improve this?

-  i recommend using SEO tools like SEMrush to find out issues with your site along with possible action points

-  You can also use tools like Ahrefs and majesticseo to get more in-depth analysis of your site's SEO

-  Your other option is to get an SEO specialist to do all the work for you at a cost effective price

* Where Your Website Ranks On Major Social Media Platforms
             This is similar to SEO but it is generally referred to as Social Media Optimization(SMO)

and might i say that it is quite easy to make high rankings on social media platforms.All you need to do is

-  Post updates regularly

-  Like, share & repost

-  Connect with lots of friends

-  Get lots of followers and page likes

-  Increase your activity on large communities in the social media platforms you belong to

* How Much Value Your Product/Service Brings
            It is one thing to own a product or service and its an entirely different thing for people to buy that product /service.
                              I was going through a report recently and in that report, it was said that

                 less than 3% of the people that visit a website are most likely to buy your product/service
so the big question is what happens to the remaining 97% ? will you just abandon them and focus on the 3%?
definitely not.All you need to do is to ease them into making a purchase.Ease not force but how am i going to do this? you say

Well to start with

-  Give out free stuff(e-books, softwares, etc...)

-   Offer an inexpensive product to your potential customer($1 - $2)

-   If they bought the inexpensive product, then it means they trust you to an extent and will likely buy a more expensive product.

-  The final card you can pull to get that customer is to show them how buying your product will benefit them and what makes your brand better than other similar brands in the market.

  but even if  they don't buy your product(which they most likely won't at first), don't be discouraged because

your efforts will most likely make your potential customer a lead and with a little more persistence

you will eventually make a sale.

P.S-I didn't explain the first tip because with the right SEO & SMO, your traffic will double or even triple 

3. Evaluate Your Employees/Work force
           This applies to anyone who owns a small company/business no matter the size as long as you have employees

and even if you don't for one reason or the other, you can still learn a thing or two from this step because

any start-up that is based on the internet will need employees eventually to easethe workflow.

               So even if you have employees or not, keep these tips and use them to evaluate your employees

* in what capacity can they function?

* Are they good at handling many tasks at once?

* Do they lead effectively or act like followers?

* In What Capacity Can They Function?
          It's good to have many able hands in your company but if all the so called 'able hands' consistently mess up the workflow

and stunt your ability to generate unlimited leads, then what's the use? The truth is that everyone will always have their

area of expertise and will inevitably be more skilled than others in certain areas so keep your eye's wide open and

even you will be shocked at what you see.

*  Are They Good At Handling many tasks at once?
          I personally like people who effectively manage many tasks at once but in the bid of doing this, some would
tend to turn into nervous wrecks which is also not good for the workflow and your lead generation power.

So what is the solution? well everyone cannot function the same way so you can start by asking your employees what works for them.

then you can also try giving them enough time to do all their tasks if you insist on giving them multiple tasks and vice-versa.

*  Do They Lead Effectively Or Act Like Followers?
          Have you ever imagined what would happen if all your staff acted like followers? they will always look at their boss for instructions

even for simple things that can be solved if they apply their initiative and that is terrible for the workflow and your health.

 I agree that not everyone in your company would be natural born leaders but does that mean that every other person should become followers? NO.

4. Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy
         It's normal for any company to point fingers at the marketing department when leads are not being generated

but is it always their fault? no.So where should i look? you can start by asking yourself these questions

*  How many people does my product/service get to every day, week and month?

*  How many niches does my product/service affect?

* How Many People Does My Product/Service Get To Every Day, Week And Month?
         Before you blame the marketing department, have you ever sat down to analyse the daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly traffic to your site?

perhaps the problem could be the number of people who visit your site.Let's imagine you are selling a product

and you put the advert on your site.If you leave it there for three months and you had only 3000 visitors

within those three months, then you don't need to blame anyone.

*  How Many Niches Does My Product/Service Affect?
          No matter what you wish to believe, some niches are just smaller than others take for instance two competitive websites

if the first website affects two niches and the second affects four niches then the website that should have the higher number of visitors is the second

but not in all cases.

5. Evaluate Yourself
        I know it sounds odd to evaluate yourself but you just have to or your leadership style and attiudes can be the number

one cause of your downfall that is why you need to take this test and if  possible, let your employees & friends answer the questions

* Am i respect worthy? (a close friend should answer)

* Do i expect so much work done in so little time? (employees should answer)

* Do you respect me as a person?(friends & employees should answer)

* Do i keep my word?(friends & employees should answer)

6. Work On The loop Holes In Your Evaluations
         By the time you're done with all your evaluations, check all the areas were you need to improve or change

and don't spare any expense to change what needs to be changed.By the time you're done with this, you need to work on improving yourself

as well as your employees.You can do this by buying relevant books, attending seminars, taking short courses and so on.

Just do anything to expand your knowledge and expertise as well as that of your employees.

7. Change Your Conversion Strategy
        What do i mean by conversion strategy? i mean the method you make use of in getting a potential customer to join your mailing list.

How can you do this? it all depends on what works for you.Let's say a potential customer visits your site

and goes through your products or services and decides to make a purchase.With a little web development, you can

enable your site to bring up a form for them to fill so that the transaction can be complete.So you made a sale

and you got a lead.That way you won't just make a one-off sale but recurring ones.

8.  Look For Potential Customers In The Right Places
            This is a really big mistake that you should never make and no matter what you do, don't make that mistake.

I remember a day that i was walking along the street and all of a sudden an eager marketer was trying to get me to buy a sim card.

but that day i was really hungry and i wanted to get a place to eat.Perhaps if that marketer was promoting

a snack bar maybe i would have bought it.Same goes for the internet.if you want to make a sale, visit websites, groups, communities and so on

that are relevant to the product you are trying to sell unless you want to end up like that eager marketer

9.  Apply 'Trip Wires' At the Right Time
             So what are trip wires? they are just tools specially designed to assist your conversion strategy(see no 7)

This is how the work. let's say you run a blog and you want your visitors to join your mailing list. the bet trip wire

you could use to get that customer is for a pop-up to appear on that customers screen.That way he/she will be more prompted to join your mailing list.

How can you do this? you can make use of tools like hellobar and hubspot to get this feature running

10.  Give Out Free Stuff
            This is another easy and effective way to get leads. you can hold a contest to give out a free books to

the first 100 people to join your mailing list or you can modify your trip wire to read something like

'join our mailing list to get free e-books' you are sure to get leads and with a little consistency you will make sales

                                             Thanks For Viewing



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